Preface : Pathophysiology
Hemodynamic and Sympathetic Nervous System Responses to Stress During the Menstrual Cycle
Pain: Neuroanatomy, Chemical Mediators, and Clinical Implications
Pathophysiology and Implications for Treatment of Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome
Risk Factors for Nosocomial Pneumonia in Critically Ill Trauma Patients
Biologic Markers of Airway Inflammation in Asthma
Role of Nucleotides and Nucleosides in the Regulation of Cardiac Blood Flow
Reperfusion Injury of Cardiac Myocytes: Mechanisms, Treatment, and Implications for Advanced Practice Nursing
Channelopathies: Potassium-Related Periodic Paralyses and Similar Disorders
Regulation of Uterine Contraction: Mechanisms in Preterm Labor
Tracheobronchial Trauma Associated With Airway Management in Neonates
Sudden Infant Death Syndrome: A Toxic Response
Federal Support for the Preparation of the Clinical Nurse Specialist Workforce Through Title VIII