Intraoperative Use of the Ventrain for Single Lung Ventilation After Iatrogenic Trauma to the Left Main Bronchus During Thoracoscopy: A Case Report

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In a patient undergoing thoracoscopic esophagectomy and concomitant wedge resection, an iatrogenic lesion in the left main bronchus was observed following deflation of the right lung. Because the bronchial cuff of the double-lumen tube was visible through the lesion, repair was only possible after deflation of the bulging cuff. Positive pressure ventilation would result in air leakage jeopardizing ventilation and oxygenation. This challenging situation was resolved using the Ventrain device to oxygenate the patient through a small-bore catheter placed through the lumen beyond the bronchial defect. With the use of this technique, oxygenation was maintained at an acceptable level during repair.

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