Correction of Severe Coagulopathy and Hyperfibrinolysis by Tranexamic Acid and Recombinant Factor VIIa in a Cirrhotic Patient After Trauma: A Case Report

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Coagulopathy induced by trauma or cirrhosis is a well-recognized entity. Viscoelastic testing has been used in either condition for goal-directed transfusion and detection of fibrinolysis since conventional coagulation tests do not correlate with clinical risk of bleeding. Hemostatic resuscitation may not be adequate for a trauma patient with liver disease due to complex alterations in coagulation systems and occasionally require adjuvant therapy. We report a case of trauma-induced coagulopathy presenting as severe hyperfibrinolysis in a cirrhotic patient who was refractory to hemostatic resuscitation but was rapidly corrected by the administration of tranexamic acid and recombinant Factor VIIa.

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