Resistance to Propofol Induction in a Patient Taking Modafinil: A Case Report

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After sedation with midazolam, induction of anesthesia with propofol was attempted in a patient taking modafinil. However, even after administration of a total of 6 mg/kg propofol IV, the patient continued to respond to tactile stimulation. Concurrently, the bispectral index was 72. Subsequent administration of low concentration sevoflurane by facemask induced an anesthetic depth that allowed unproblematic insertion of a laryngeal mask airway. Anesthesia for ophthalmologic surgery was maintained with sevoflurane. Modafinil may have caused resistance to propofol because of its effect on neural pathways that activate consciousness. The concentration of sevoflurane required to induce or maintain anesthesia remained unaltered.

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