Preventing Skin Cancer Among a Farming Population: Implementing Evidence-Based Interventions

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Agricultural workers are at risk for developing skin cancer due to exposures to ultraviolet radiation. Occupational health nurses implemented a skin cancer screening during an agricultural trade show to facilitate primary and secondary prevention of skin cancer through risk assessment, visual skin examination, counseling, and education. The purpose of this article is to present an evidence-based practice model that describes the demographics of a skin cancer screening population, self-reported risk factors, the occurrence of presumptive diagnoses, and compliance with health-related recommendations. Eighty-eight individuals were screened. Thirty-nine (44%) of all screened participants were referred for further evaluation. Of the 39 referrals, 16 (41%) were recommended for biopsy. One month after the screening, 21 (54%) of the participants had completed or arranged follow-up. Status of the identified lesion was also explored. General comments yielded statements that demonstrated appreciation for the screening, teaching, reminders, and encouragement.

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