Successful Removal of Intracardiac Thrombus With a Poole Tip Suction Device Through the Inferior Vena Cava of a Patient With Cardiovascular Collapse During Liver Transplant: A Case Report

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Intracardiac thrombus occurs in 1.2%–6.3% of patients undergoing orthotopic liver transplant and is associated with a high mortality rate. The pathophysiology and risk factors for development of this complication are not well understood. No consensus treatment guidelines exist, and specific therapies are associated with serious risks. We present the timely and successful use of a Poole tip surgical suction device advanced into the right atrium through a cavotomy created in the inferior vena cava to remove a large right atrial thrombus during liver transplant. The thrombus was identified with transesophageal echocardiography and was causing cardiovascular collapse.

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