Functional analysis of ScSwi1 and CaSwi1 in invasive and pseudohyphal growth ofSaccharomyces cerevisiae

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Here we reported that, inSaccharomyces cerevisiae, deleting Swi1 (ScSwi1), a core component in Swi/Snf complex, caused defects of invasive growth, pseudohyphal growth,FLO11expression, and proper cell separation. Re-introduction ofSWI1into theswi1mutants could suppress all defects observed. We also showed that overproducing Swi1 could suppress the defect offlo8cells in pseudohyphal growth in diploids, but not invasive growth in haploids. Overexpression ofSWI1could not bypass the requirement of Ste12 or Tec1 in invasive growth or pseudohyphal growth. We concluded that the Swi/Snf complex was required forFLO11expression and proper cell separation, and both theFLO8andSTE12genes should be present for the complex to function for the invasive growth but only theSTE12gene was required for the pseudohyphal growth. Ectopic expression ofCandida albicansSWI1 (CaSWI1) could partially complement the defects examined of haploidScswi1mutants, but failed to complement the defects examined of diploidScswi1/Scswi1mutants. Overexpressing CaSwi1 mitigated invasive and pseudohyphal growth defects resulting from deletions in the MAP kinase and cAMP pathways. The integrity ofS. cerevisiaeSwi/Snf complex is required for invasive and filamentous growth promoted by overexpressing CaSwi1.

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