Lipogenesis in myoblasts and its regulation of CTRP6 by AdipoR1/Erk/PPARγ signaling pathway

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The induced lipogenesis and its regulation in C2C12 myoblasts remain largely unclear. Here, we found that the cocktail method could significantly induce lipogenesis through regulating lipid metabolic genes and Erk1/2 phosphorylation in myoblasts. Meanwhile, the expression and secretion of CTRP6 were increased during ectopic lipogenesis. Moreover, CTRP6 knockdown down-regulated the levels of lipogenic genes and phosphorylated Erk1/2 (p-Erk1/2) in the early lipogenic stage, whereas up-regulated p-Erk1/2 in the terminal differentiation. Interestingly, the effect of CTRP6 siRNA was attenuated by U0126 (a special p-Erk1/2 inhibitor) in myoblasts. Furthermore, AdipoR1, not AdipoR2, was first identified as a receptor of CTRP6 during the process of mitotic clonal expansion. Collectively, we suggest that CTRP6 mediates the ectopic lipogenesis through AdipoR1/Erk/PPARγ signaling pathway in myoblasts. Our findings will shed light on the novel biological function of CTRP6 during myoblast lipogenesis and provide a hopeful direction of improving meat quality of domestic animal by lipogenic regulation in skeletal muscle myoblasts.

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