New and forthcoming electronic features for Abdominal Imaging
Multidetector CT and virtual endoscopy in the evaluation of the esophagus
Inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor of the stomach with peritoneal dissemination in a young adult
Duodenal angiodysplasia
CT findings of increased splanchnic circulation in a case of celiac sprue
CT of small bowel ischemia
Small bowel Crohn disease
Ileocecal actinomycosis
Intussusception due to intestinal anisakiasis
Adult colocolic intussusception
Doppler ultrasound for TIPS
Stent-grafts in TIPS
Specificity of SPIO particles for characterization of liver hemangiomas using MRI
Contrast enhanced MR-guided biopsy of hepatocellular carcinoma
Primary neuroendocrine tumors of the liver
Visceral leishmaniasis with multiple nodular lesions of the liver and spleen:
Neurilemmoma of the diaphragm mimicking a liver tumor
Usual and unusual causes of extrahepatic cholestasis
Large cholesterol polyp of the gallbladder mimicking gallbladder carcinoma
Gallbladder carcinoma and chronic cholecystitis
Asymptomatic nonspecific serum hyperamylasemia and hyperlipasemia
Percutaneous biopsy of periarterial soft tissue cuffs in the diagnosis of pancreatic carcinoma
Delivery related rupture of the gravid uterus
Diagnosis of adnexal torsion in the third trimester of pregnancy
Uterine fibroids
Transrectal ultrasound-guided biopsy of the prostate gland
Abstracts of selected papers from the current literature
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