MRI of fetal GI tract abnormalities
Detection of reflux esophagitis on double-contrast esophagrams and endoscopy using the histologic findings as the gold standard
Adult ileocolic intussusception secondary to a submucosal cecal lipoma
Dark-lumen MR colonography
Superselective embolization of lower gastrointestinal hemorrhage
Infradiaphragmatic pulmonary sequestration combined with cystic adenomatoid malformation
Spontaneous subacute intratumoral hemorrhage of hepatic cavernous hemangioma
Liver tumors
Congenital absence of the portal vein associated with focal nodular hyperplasia in the liver in an adult woman
Malignant lymphoma with tumor thrombus in the portal venous system
Extrahepatic arterioportal fistula
Hemodynamics of intrahepatic cholangiocarcinoma
Three-dimensional reconstructed images using multidetector computed tomography in evaluation of the biliary tract
Wandering spleen with torsion of vascular pedicle
Normal organ volume assessment from abdominal CT
Real-time compound ultrasonography
Intraperitoneal fat focal infarction of the lesser omentum
Omental torsion
Peritoneal Coccidioidomycosis
Primary sarcoma of the distal abdominal aorta
Acute abdominal aortic thrombosis in cancer patients
Collateral vessels in endovascular aneurysm treatment
Renal artery stenosis
Symptomatic giant Müllerian duct cyst in an infant
Borderline Brenner tumor of the ovary
Abstracts of selected papers ferom the current literature
Book reviews
Use of thin-section, multidetector row helical CT images for coronal oblique reformations for optimal visualization of structures in the hepatoduodenal ligament