MR imaging of the peritoneal spread of malignancy
Utility of multidetector CT in the diagnosis of gastric bare area invasion by proximal gastric carcinoma
Gastric remnant infarction following laparoscopy-assisted distal gastrectomy : CT diagnosis in two cases
Gastric hepatoid adenocarcinoma : CT findings
Acute mesenteric ischemia : endovascular therapy
Chronic mesenteric ischemia : stenting of mesenteric arteries
Bowel obstruction : comparison between multidetector-row CT axial and coronal planes
Sigmoid colonic perforation and pelvic abscess complicating biliary stent migration
CT of internal hernia through a defect of the perirectal fossa
Staging rectal cancer : MRI compared to MDCT
Post-treatment fistulas in patients with rectal cancer : MRI with rectal superparamagnetic contrast agent
Altered findings of hepatic arteriography after radiofrequency ablation of hepatocellular carcinoma : comparison of pre-ablation and post-ablation angiograms
Vascular complications after liver transplantation : evaluation with Doppler US
Acute cholecystitis due to strangulation of a floating gallbladder by the lesser omentum
Acute necrotizing pancreatitis : role of CT-guided percutaneous catheter drainage
Acute severe pancreatitis : contrast-enhanced sonography
Acute pancreatitis and a long common channel
Hemorrhage into pancreatic pseudocyst
Collateral branches IPMTs : secretin-enhanced MRCP
Pediatric Burkitt's lymphoma : CT findings
Sonographic subcutaneous and visceral fat indices represent the distribution of body fat volume
Aorto-enteric fistula : CT findings
Aortoenteric fistula : a diagnostic dilemma
Thrombosed interrupted inferior vena cava and retroaortic left renal vein mimicking retroperitoneal neoplasm
Renal MR and CT angiography : current concepts
Ureteral fibroepithelial polyp diagnosed preoperatively on virtual CT ureteroscopy
Ovarian torsion in a premenarcheal girl : MRI findings
Cowper's syringocele in an adult
Book reviews
Mohammad Ibrarullah : Atlas of Diagnostic Endoscopy