Effect of 5-Azacytidine on the Light-Sensitive Formation of Sexual and Asexual Reproductive Structures in wc-1 and wc-2 Mutants of Neurospora crassa

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Under nitrogen starvation conditions, illumination by blue light of wc-1 and wc-2 mutants of the ascomycete Neurospora crassa failed to stimulate the formation of protoperithecia and inhibit condition (contrary to what was observed in the mycelium of the wild-type fungus). The data obtained indicate that wc-1 and wc-2 genes of N. crassa are involved in the light-dependent formation of protoperithecia and conidia. The effects of 5-azacytidine (an inhibitor of DNA methylation) under the same experimental conditions suggest that the balance between the formation of sexual and asexual reproductive structures, maintained in N. crassa, depends on genome methylation processes sensitive to the action of light, which is mediated by the photoreceptor complex of WC proteins.

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