Interaction of Perch Fucolectin with Lewis Antigens

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The interaction of fucolectin of perch Perca fluviatilis (PFL) with a set of Lewis antigens was studied by monitoring changes in its tryptophan fluorescence. PFL bound Lec (H type 1)-pentasaccharide (Ka = 6.6 × 103 M−1) and H type 6-trisaccharide (Ka = 2.5 × 103 M−1); bound, although less strongly, with Leb-hexasaccharide (Ka = 4.0 × 102 M−1); and failed to interact with Lea-, Lex-, and Led-containing oligosaccharides. PFL belongs to a new type of the fucolectins recognizing H-disaccharide Fucα1-2Gal within various antigens, including H type 1/2 and Leb.

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