A Study of the Mechanisms of Probiotic Effect of Bacillus Subtilis Strain 8130

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The wild-type Bacillus subtilis strain 8130 secreted metabolites that stimulated two to three times the growth of the test cultures of lactic acid bacteria. It exhibited endoglucanase activity that depended on the composition of nutrient medium. The addition of the product of two-stage culturing of B. subtilis 8130 to the diet of pigs (0.2% of fodder weight) made it possible to increase the daily weight gain by 19% and decrease the consumption of mixed fodder by 10%. Digestion of protein, fat, and other organic compounds increased by 3–4% and cellulose by 12%. It was shown that B. subtilis 8130 is a probiotic with targeted action stimulating digestion (primarily the digestion of cellulose). The enrichment of a dry-beer pellet with the product of solid-phase fermentation by bacillus (1 × 108 cells per gram dry pellet) allowed the pellet to entered into the diet of a calf (6% of the weight of fodder with probiotic), causing additional weight gain by 12% and a 10% economy of fodder consumption.

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