Tetrapyrrole Involvement In Expression Regulation of a Nuclear Gene of Low-molecular-weight Plastid Protein ELIP

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An inhibitor analysis was used for studying the tetrapyrrole role in the regulation of the expression of the nuclear gene encoding a low-molecular-weight protein, a stress plastid light-inducible protein ELIP. 2,2′-Dipyridyl and norflurazon were used as inhibitors. Experiments with dipyridyl demonstrated that tetrapyrroles were involved in the regulation of Elip gene expression, inhibiting it by ∼50%. Similar results were obtained when there was photodestruction of the chloroplasts, caused by a plant treatment with norflurazon. The results confirm the involvement of the chloroplasts in the regulation of the nuclear gene expression coding for plastid proteins. Tetrapyrroles are important contributors to this process.

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