A New Endophytic Taxane Production Fungus from Taxus Chinensis3

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More than 50 kinds of endophytic fungi associated with Taxus chinensis were isolated and examined as a potential source of the imposing anticancer drug taxol. Of these, four isolates show ability to produce taxane when measured with the competitive inhibition enzyme immunoassay method. The most promising clone, DA10, identified as Mucor rouxianus sp., is the first rouxianus reported as taxol production fungus. The presence of taxol and its important precursors, such as 10-diacetyl baccatinIII (10-DAB) and baccatinIII, in theculture of this fungus was confirmed by reactivity with a taxane-specific monoclonal antibody, comparative chromatographic and mass spectrometric behavior, cytotoxity to liver carcinoma 7402, and molecular cloning of kernel fragment of taxadiene synthase gene.

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