The Use of Enzymatic Preparation for the Production of low Molecular-Weight Chitosan from the King Crab Hepatopancrease

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This article describes the optimal conditions for the enzymatic hydrolysis of chitosan and its chemically-modified derivatives using the preparation extracted from the king crab hepatopancrease possessing pronounced hydrolythic activity. The following preparations were used: chitosan with a molecular weight of 700 kDa and an acetylation level of 0.15, carboxymethyl chitosan 200 kDa witih an extent of replacement of 0.23, and N-succinyl chitosan 390 kDa with an extent of replacement of 0.8. Low molecular-weight samples of chitosan and of its modified derivatives were obtained with the yields of 85, 55, and 80%, respectively. The conditions of the hydrolysis were as follows: an enzyme: substrate ratio of 1: 200, 37°C, and 20 h duration of hydrolysis.

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