Delay and Inhibition as Early Predictors of ADHD Symptoms in Third Grade
Predictive Value of Informant Discrepancies in Reports of Parenting
Examining Externalizing Behavior Trajectories of Youth in Group Homes
Are Oppositional-Defiant and Hyperactive–Inattentive Symptoms Developmental Precursors to Conduct Problems in Late Childhood?
Temperament and its Relationship to Autistic Symptoms in a High-Risk Infant Sib Cohort
Interpretation of Ambiguous Information in Girls at Risk for Depression
Delinquent Development in Dutch Childhood Arrestees
Empathy and Social Perspective Taking in Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
Parent and Adolescent Depressive Symptoms
Neurocognitive Functioning in AD/HD, Predominantly Inattentive and Combined Subtypes
Reviewers List for 2008