The Dopamine Receptor D4 Gene ( DRD4 ) Moderates Family Environmental Effects on ADHD
Executive Functioning Characteristics Associated with ADHD Comorbidity in Adolescents with Disruptive Behavior Disorders
The Delinquency Outcomes of Boys with ADHD with and Without Comorbidity
Advancing Our Knowledge of ADHD in Latino Children
The Role of Friends' Disruptive Behavior in the Development of Children's Tobacco Experimentation
Psychopathic Traits of Dutch Adolescents in Residential Care
Child Effortful Control as a Mediator of Parenting Practices on Externalizing Behavior
Family Routine Moderates the Relation Between Child Impulsivity and Oppositional Defiant Disorder Symptoms
Growing Up in Violent Communities
Structure and Etiology of Co-occurring Internalizing and Externalizing Disorders in Adolescents
Attentional Biases for Emotional Faces in Young Children of Mothers with Chronic or Recurrent Depression
Loneliness, Depressive Symptomatology, and Suicide Ideation in Adolescence
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