Association of Positive and Negative Parenting Behavior with Childhood ADHD
Symptoms of Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder and Social and School Adjustment
Hyperactivity/Inattention Problems Moderate Environmental but Not Genetic Mediation Between Negative Parenting and Conduct Problems
Temperament Alters Susceptibility to Negative Peer Influence in Early Adolescence
Verbal, Facial and Autonomic Responses to Empathy-Eliciting Film Clips by Disruptive Male Adolescents with High Versus Low Callous-Unemotional Traits
Predictors and Outcomes Associated with Trajectories of Revenge Goals from Fourth Grade through Seventh Grade
A Longitudinal Examination of Serious Adolescent Offenders' Perceptions of Chances for Success and Engagement in Behaviors Accomplishing Goals
Childhood Conduct Problems Are Associated with Increased Partnership and Parenting Difficulties in Adulthood
Children's Depressive Symptoms in Relation to EEG Frontal Asymmetry and Maternal Depression
Multi-wave Prospective Examination of the Stress-Reactivity Extension of Response Styles Theory of Depression in High-Risk Children and Early Adolescents
Effects of the KiVa Anti-bullying Program on Adolescents' Depression, Anxiety, and Perception of Peers
Erratum to
Elevated Appraisals of the Negative Impact of Naturally Occurring Life Events
Brooding Rumination and Risk for Depressive Disorders in Children of Depressed Mothers