Automatic writing as an indicator of the fundamental factors underlying the personality

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The cases of automatic writing which will be described were observed in women who to all outward appearances and to superficial examination are perfectly normal. They have adjusted well not only to their environment but also to all periods of stress and strain which they have encountered. The casual observer would with difficulty be convinced that these charming, intelligent and efficient women are potentially psychotic. However, the author hopes to be able to show that automatic writing is not only an indicator of an unstable mental background, but also of some of the fundamental factors which help to make up the personality. Various psychoanalytic perspectives on the various realms of consciousness and the Unconscious, are examined. It is easily understood that disorders in any one or several of the mental states may give rise to various pathological manifestations, but it is to an abnormality of the paraconscious with ramifications into the unconscious, resulting in a disintegration of the personality, that the author directs special attention. Automatic writing in its simplest form is script which the writer produces involuntarily and in some instances without being aware that he is doing it, even though he be in an alert waking state. Automatic writers may be divided into two classes: those who can write only while being consciously distracted and stimulated, and those who can write only while relaxed and with the attention fixed. Automatic writers are explained as having dissociated personality states. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2006 APA, all rights reserved)

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