Desensitization, suggestibility, and pseudotherapy
Morton. (NIMH, Bethesda, Md.) Composite index of the Kent-Rosanoff Free Association Test
Impairment of knowledge of unusual meanings of familiar words in brain damage and schizophrenia
Differential effects of social reward and punishment on dependent and dependency-anxious schizophrenics
Anticipation interval and age differences in verbal learning
Meaning dimensions and male-female voice perception in schizophrenics with good and poor premorbid adjustment
Parole outcome as predicted from the CPI, the MMPI, and a Base Expectancy table
Temporal gradient of fear arousal in psychopaths
Effects of weight intensity on discrimination thresholds of normals and schizophrenics
Associative disturbance as a function of chronicity in schizophrenia
Some effects of LSD−25 on verbal communication
Social schemata of emotionally disturbed boys
Anxiety level and the “doubtful” judgment in a psychophysical experiment
Relationship of anxiety (drive) and response competition in problem solving
“Commonality and stability of word association responses in good and poor premorbid schizophrenics”
Interpersonal types among psychiatric patients