Influence of parental figures on schizophrenic patients
Physiological arousal as a function of imagined, vicarious, and direct stress experiences
Effects of social approval on the verbal behavior of emotionally disturbed and normal children
Ideation in patients with unilateral or bilateral midline brain lesions
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Therapists' paralanguage in peak and poor psychotherapy hours
An analysis of the schizophrenogenic mother concept by means of the Thematic Apperception Test
Cognitive style and defenses
Differences in stimulus generalization among psychiatric patients as a function of anxiety level-ego strength, sex, and time of testing
Peer conformity and achievement in female manic-depressives
Role of physical abnormalities in interpersonal perception and behavior
Anxiety, intelligence, and discrimination
Assessment of the social atmospheres of psychiatric wards
Stimulus generalization among schizophrenics and normal subjects
Effects of interference and cognitive arousal upon the processing of organized thought