Sources of variance in responses to questionnaires and in behavior
A brief commentary on the usefulness of studying fears of snakes
Psychological differentiation and process-reactive schizophrenia
Comment on “Artificial induction of posthypnotic conflict.”
Concept of “pathogenesis” in parents of schizophrenic and normal children
Physiological effects of relaxation training and hypnotic suggestion
Effects of variations in the preparatory interval on the reaction time of retardates and normals
Subjective report and credibility
Cyclic variation in stuttering
Verbal operant conditioning of hospitalized psychiatric patients
Perceptual styles and their correlates among schizophrenic patients
Relationship between psychosocial adjustment and perception of maternal attitudes
Cognitive interference by nonverbal symbols in schizophrenics
Correlates of empathy in psychotherapy
Effect of developmentally relevant information and severity of disturbance on the understanding and evaluation of deviant behavior
Attitudes to body products among normal subjects
Certain initial variables as predictors of change with classical psychoanalysis
Effects of a “reformed sinner” and a “lapsed saint” strategy upon trust formation in paranoid and nonparanoid schizophrenic patients
False feedback and longevity of the conditioned GSR during extinction
Recall and recognition free learning in schizophrenics
Predictability and anxiety in speech by parents of female schizophrenics
Construct validity for the evaluation of therapy outcomes
Cross-cultural comparison of psychotic syndromes
Cognitive factors in differential conditioning of the GSR