Monitoring, activation, and disinhibition
Effects of a college student visitation program on a group of chronic schizophrenics
A preliminary investigation of covert communication of expectancies to schizophrenics
Relationship between initial competence and ability to profit from cues in brain-damaged individuals
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Affective experience in psychotherapy
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The deterioration effect
The deterioration effect
Evaluative feedback and aspiration statements of schizophrenics and normals
Modification of placebo effects by means of drugs
Critique of “Treatment of insomnia by relaxation training”
Comment on “High school yearbooks: A nonreactive measure of social isolation in graduates who later became schizophrenic.”
Reliability of chronicity as rated from case history summaries
Effects of overtraining on reversal and extradimensional shifts in schizophrenics
Changes in locus of control as a function of life crisis resolution
Differential ordering of stimulus presentation in systematic desensitization
Operant eyelid conditioning in Trisomy 18
Early infantile autism