Interpersonal models in psychotherapy and counseling
Separation of rhesus monkey juveniles of the same sex
Premorbid social competence in schizophrenia
High school yearbooks
Cognitive structure and pathology in associations of process and reactive schizophrenics
Relaxation training, relaxation instruction, and repeated exposure to a stressor film
Patterns of family interaction and child-rearing attitudes related to three dimensions of juvenile delinquency
Size constancy in mental retardates and normals
Segments versus whole sessions
A-B therapist perceptions and preferences for schizophrenic and psychoneurotic clients
Premorbid adjustment and affective expression in schizophrenia
Thermal pain
Association between marital history and the nature of manifest psychopathology
Social contexts of suicide
Dreams recalled spontaneously following afternoon naps and nocturnal sleep
Psychological versus spatial determinants of social schema distance
Personal adjustment of male and female homosexuals and heterosexuals