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Teaching self-control to disruptive children
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Memory impairment on the ascending and descending limbs of the blood alcohol curve
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The use of single-case methodology in psychotherapy research
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A critique of “Fears as attitudes.”
Rejoinder to “A critique of ‘Fears as attitudes.’”
Peer model and experimenter expectancies about appropriate response as determinants of behavior in the hypnotic setting
Attribution and the maintenance of behavior change in falling asleep
Effects of competing and complex responses on the reaction time of acute psychiatric groups
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Moral judgment in delinquent and nondelinquent adolescents and their mothers
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MMPI characteristics of college freshman males who later became alcoholics
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Associative intrusions in schizophrenic verbal behavior
Perceptual conformity and responsiveness to social reinforcement in chronic schizophrenics
An experimental study of aspects of the psychoanalytic theory of male homosexuality
“The Effect of Experimentally Induced Failure, Self-Esteem, and Sex on Cognitive Differentiation” : Errata