Short-term memory scanning in schizophrenic young adults
Selective attention, breadth of attention, and shifting attention in chronic nonparanoid schizophrenics
Attention in schizophrenia
Impairment in abstract responses of schizophrenics, neurotics, and brain-damaged patients
Relation of psychopathology and bilingualism to kinesic aspects of interview behavior in schizophrenia
Proprioception and schizophrenia
Physical attractiveness and mental illness
Abnormality as a positive characteristic
Reinforcement analysis of interaction in problem and nonproblem families
Aptitude for trance, task generalizability, and incongruity response in hypnosis
Comment on “Depressive affect
Depressive affect
Depressive affect
Electrodermal lability in delusional schizophrenics following personalized stimuli
Subjective characteristics of sleep efficiency
Maternal punitiveness as affected by situational stress
Uncancelled hypnotic suggestions