Visual and memory search by process schizophrenics
Sentence perception and distractibility in schizophrenic, manic, and depressed patients
Verbal associative disturbances in children at high risk for schizophrenia
Childhood social competence in functionally disordered psychiatric patients and in normals
Effects of neonatal risk, maternal attitude, and cognitive style on early postpartum adjustment
Psychological characteristics of subjects identified by platelet MAO activity and evoked potentials as biologically at risk for psychopathology
Life events and psychopathology severity among first psychiatric admissions
Psychiatric diagnosis as prototype categorization
Revisiting sex differences in the expression of depression
Social competence and depression
Alcohol and social anxiety in males
Alcohol's effects on physiological arousal and self-reported affect and sensations
Correction to Editorial Consultants for the October 1979 Special Issue
A test of the voluntarism hypothesis among nonvolunteering opiate addicts who voluntarily return to treatment
Three types of extreme drug users identified by a replicated cluster analysis
A replication and extension of “Physical attractiveness and mental illness.”
Variables influencing the acquisition and maintenance of aggressive behavior
Factors influencing rapport in hypnosis
The maintenance of self− and drug-attributed behavior change
Laboratory induction of mood states through the reading of self-referent mood statements
Remembering of sentences by schizophrenic young adults
Devaluation of the human love object
An MMPI comparison of polydrug and heroin abusers