Formal Thought Disorder in Schizophrenics and Their Twins
Problem-Solving Characteristics of Process and Reactive Schizophrenics and Affective-Disordered Patients
Stability and Change in Aggression and Withdrawal in Middle Childhood and Early Adolescence
Relationship of Gender and Marital Status With Symptomatology in Psychotic Patients
Longitudinal Study of Cognitions, Life Events, and Depression in Psychiatric Inpatients
Parental Death and Depression
Childhood Competence and Behavior Problems
Dysphoric Mood and Overeating
Wagering Preferences of Problem Gamblers
Double Hypnotic Induction
Psychophysiology of Relaxation-Associated Panic Attacks
Sex Differences in Perceptions of Desirable Body Shape
Excluding Problem Drinkers in High-Risk Studies of Alcoholism
Selective Attention to Negative Feedback in Type A and Type B Individuals