Risk, Resistance, and Psychological Distress
Dependency and Self-Criticism
Cognition and Social Adversity in the Depressed Elderly
Psychopathology and Marital Distress
Specificity and Stability of Self-Referent Encoding in Clinical Depression
Method to Study Anhedonia in Hospitalized Psychiatric Patients
An Analysis of Factors That Contribute to the Efficacy of Hypnotic Analgesia
Failure of Posthypnotic Responding to Occur Outside the Experimental Setting
Control-Related Beliefs and Depression Among Clinic-Referred Children and Adolescents
Effects of Lithium Carbonate on the Memory and Motor Speed of Bipolar Outpatients
Dexamethasone Suppression and Self-Reinforcement Correlates of Clinical Depression
Cognitive Abstraction, Shifting, and Control
Inductions Versus Suggestions