Prediction of Psychoticlike Symptoms in Hypothetically Psychosis-Prone College Students
Handedness of Hypothetically Psychosis-Prone Subjects
Memory Bias in Clinical Anxiety
Marital Stability in Alcoholic-Spouse Relationships as a Function of Drinking Pattern and Location
Adjustment to Infertility
Adolescent Alcohol Expectancies in Relation to Personal and Parental Drinking Patterns
Reactivity of Alcoholics and Nonalcoholics to Drinking Cues
Depression and Marital Interaction
Autonomic Nervous System Activity in Autistic, Schizophrenic, and Normal Men
Response Perseveration in Psychopaths
Premenstrual Depression
Interpersonal Problem Solving and Coping Reactions of Vietnam Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
On the Relative Importance of “Psychopathic” Personality and Alcoholism on Neuropsychological Measures of Frontal Lobe Dysfunction
Physical Attractiveness and Self-Perception of Mental Disorder
MMPI Alcoholic Subtypes
Psychometric Structure of Psychiatric Rating Scales