A Prospective Study of Risk Factors for Unipolar Depression
Dysthymia in the Offspring of Parents With Primary Unipolar Affective Disorder
Depressed Affect and Time Perception
Creativity in Manic-Depressives, Cyclothymes, Their Normal Relatives, and Control Subjects
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Negative Life Events, Coping Responses, and Combat-Related Psychopathology
Attributional Style and Combat-Related Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
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Social Psychological Factors in the Genesis of Posthypnotic Source Amnesia
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Anxiety, Depression, and Assertion Across Alternating Intervals of Stress
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Positive and Negative Affectivity and Their Relation to Anxiety and Depressive Disorders
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Is There a Relation Between Locus of Control Orientation and Depression?
Attributional Style in Pathological Gamblers in Treatment
Response Perseveration and Delayed Responding in Undersocialized Aggressive Conduct Disorder
Comment on Tarnowski, Prinz, and Nay (1986)
Additional Considerations for Children's Attentional Performance
Reduced Clustering During Hypnotic Amnesia for a Long Word List
Rejoinder to Spanos, Bertrand, and Perlini