Pursuit Gain and Saccadic Intrusions in First-Degree Relatives of Probands With Schizophrenia
Hypnotizability and Automaticity
Severity of Psychosocial Stress and Outcome of Alcoholism Treatment
Peer-Group Association and Adolescent Tobacco Use
Perceptions of Parental Relationships in the Eating Disorders
Interpersonal Perceptions and Consequences of Depressive–Significant Other Relationships
Performance of Criminal Psychopaths on Selected Neuropsychological Tests
Body Weight and Bulimia as Discriminators of Psychological Characteristics Among Anorexic, Bulimic, and Obese Women
Hostile Attributional Biases in Severely Aggressive Adolescents
Congruence of Personality and Life Events in Depression
Selective Processing of Threat Cues in Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
The Enhancing Effects of Anxiety on Arousal in Sexually Dysfunctional and Functional Women
Depressive Personality
Relation of Social and Academic Competence to Depressive Symptoms in Childhood
Alcohol and Drug Abuse–Dependence Disorders in Psychopathic and Nonpsychopathic Criminal Offenders
Correction to Schmaling and Jacobson