Affective Individual Differences and Startle Reflex Modulation
Multifactorial Assessment of Bulimia Nervosa
Controlled Information Processing Resources and the Development of Automatic Detection Responses in Schizophrenia
Life Stressors, Personal and Social Resources, and Depression
Pseudomemory Effects Over Time in the Hypnotic Setting
Schematic and Situational Determinants of Depressed and Nondepressed Students' Interpretation of Feedback
Intoxication and Exposure to Stress
Controlled Prospective Study of Postpartum Mood Disorders
Sociotropy and Autonomy
Restraint, Weight Loss, and Variability of Body Weight
Schizotypy and Sustained Attention
Size Overestimation Among Anorexics
Alternative Measures of Expressed Emotion
Dimensions of Perfectionism in Unipolar Depression
Social Phobia