Familial Prevalence and Coaggregation of Schizotypy Indicators
Prospective Investigation of Postpartum Depression
Selective Hypnotic Amnesia
Bias in Interpretation of Ambiguous Sentences Related to Threat in Anxiety
Prospective Study of Postpartum Depression
Processing of Threat-Related Information in Rape Victims
Communication Deviance in Families of Schizophrenic and Manic Patients
Maternal Communication
Preliminary Support for a Competency-Based Model of Depression in Children
Family Origins of Adolescent Self-Criticism and Its Continuity Into Adulthood
Mothers, Daughters, and Disordered Eating
Comorbidity of Unipolar Depression
Comorbidity of Unipolar Depression
Effects of Active Alert and Relaxation Hypnotic Inductions on Cold Pressor Pain
Disinhibited Eating by Resourceful Restrained Eaters