Increased Cardiac Awareness in Panic Disorder
Psychological Characteristics of Dieters and Bulimics
Relations Among Self-Reported Depressive Symptoms in Clinic-Referred Children Versus Adolescents
Increases in Depressive Symptomatology in the Rural Elderly
Predictors and Consequences of Childhood Depressive Symptoms
Perceived-Competence Deficit in Anorexia Nervosa
Factorial Structure of Traits Delineating Personality Disorders in Clinical and General Population Samples
Stepping Through the Drug Use Sequence
Reaction to Trauma
Panic Attacks in the Nonclinical Population
Proneness to Shame, Proneness to Guilt, and Psychopathology
Sociotropy and Autonomy
Forms of Memory Failure in Schizophrenia
Childhood Depression and Conduct Disorder
Childhood Depression and Conduct Disorder
Longitudinal Relationships Among Pain, Sleep Problems, and Depression in Rheumatoid Arthritis
Reports of Real and False Memories
Social Factors and the Psychobiology of Depression
Response to Hyperventilation and Inhalation of 5.5% Carbon Dioxide–Enriched Air Across the DSM–III–R Anxiety Disorders
DSM–III–R Personality Disorders and the Five-Factor Model of Personality
Self-Criticism in Adulthood and Recalled Childhood Experience
Confirming the Latent Structure and Base Rate of Schizotypy
Clinical Depression and Implicit Memory
Affective Valence and Memory in Depression
Mood-Congruent Memory in Depression
Depression and Implicit Memory
Nightmare Frequency Versus Nightmare Distress