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Who Was Morton Prince?
Morton Prince on Anxiety Disorders
A Clinical Study of a Case of Phobia
Relation Between Self-Reported Affect and Drug Urges and Cravings in Continuing and Withdrawing Smokers
Delay of Gratification in Psychopathic and Nonpsychopathic Offenders
Depressed Patients With Dysfunctional Families
Sequential Analysis of Marital Interactions Involving Alcoholic, Depressed, and Nondistressed Men
Expert Judgments of Hypnosis From Subjective State Reports
Transient Positive and Negative Experiences Accompanying Stage Hypnosis
Relationship Between Dietary Restraint, Energy Intake, Physical Activity, and Body Weight
Comparison of Bulimics, Obese Binge Eaters, Social Phobics, and Individuals With Panic Disorder on Comorbidity Across DSM–III–R Anxiety Disorders
Attentional Cues in Chronic Schizophrenia
Influence of Rapport on Hypnotically Induced Pseudomemory
Importance of Shared Genes and Shared Environments for Symptoms of Depression in Older Adults
Monaural and Binaural Story Recall by Schizophrenic Subjects
Dissociative Experiences, Psychopathology and Adjustment, and Child and Adolescent Maltreatment in Female College Students
Covariation Detection in Treated and Untreated Spider Phobics
Discrepancy Between Self- and Observer Ratings of Performance in Social Phobics
Medication Status of Participants in Psychopathology Research