Gender Roles as Mediators of Sex Differences in Expressions of Pathology
Assessment of Psychopathy as a Function of Age
Social Perceptions and Borderline Personality Disorder : The Relation to Mood Disorders
A Dual-Task Analysis of Resource Allocation in Dysthymia and Anhedonia
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Common and Specific Dimensions of Self-Reported Anxiety and Depression : Implications for the Cognitive and Tripartite Models
Negative Reactions to Depressive Behaviors : A Communication Theories Analysis
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A Multimethod Analysis of Families With a Polydrug-Dependent or Normal Adolescent Daughter
Subtyping Major Depression : A Taxometric Analysis
Fear of Physical Sensations and Trait Anxiety as Mediators of the Response to Hyperventilation in Nonclinical Subjects
Psychopathy and Conduct Problems in Children
Unconditioned Stimulus Rehearsal and the Retention and Enhancement of Differential “Fear” Conditioning : Effects of Trait and State Anxiety
Affective and Social-Behavioral Correlates of Physical and Social Anhedonia in Schizophrenia
Dependency Characteristics of Partner Assaultive Men
Depressive Deficits in Recognition : Dissociation of Recollection and Familiarity
Relationship of Sociotropy/Autonomy and Dependency/Self-Criticism to DSM–III–R Personality Disorders
The Syntactic Role of Pauses in the Speech of Schizophrenic Patients With Alogia
Dichotic-Listening Measures of Brain Laterality in Mania
Anxiety Disorders and Marital Quality
Electrodermal Activity and Clinical Status in Chronic Schizophrenia
Childhood Emotional Expressions, Educational Attainment, and Age at Onset of Illness in Schizophrenia
Priming Effects in Schizophrenia : Associative Interference and Facilitation as a Function of Visual Context
Smoking Outcome Expectancies : Factor Structure, Predictive Validity, and Discriminant Validity
Effects of Cue Exposure and Deprivation on Cognitive Resources in Smokers
Patients' and Informants' Reports of Personality Traits During and After Major Depression
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Relation of Media Exposure to Eating Disorder Symptomatology : An Examination of Mediating Mechanisms