Testing a Tripartite Model
Testing a Tripartite Model
The Taxonicity of Schizotypy
Expectancy for Social Facilitation From Drinking
Forward and Backward Visual Masking of Contour by Light in Positive- and Negative-Symptom Schizophrenia
Covariation Bias in Phobic Women
Backward Masking Performance During and After Manic Episodes
Hypnotic Sex Change
Physiologic Responses to Loud Tones in Vietnam Veterans With Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Four-Year Longitudinal Study of Conduct Disorder in Boys
Cognitive Function, Cardiovascular Reactivity, and Behavior in Boys at High Risk for Alcoholism
“Balance of Power”
Alcohol and Human Emotion
EEG Concomitants of Hypnosis and Hypnotic Susceptibility
Reports of the Childhood Home Environment in Early-Onset Dysthymia and Episodic Major Depression
Prospective Analysis of Personality and Behavioral Vulnerabilities and Gender Influences in the Later Development of Disordered Eating
Provocation, Acute Alcohol Intoxication, Cognitive Performance, and Aggression
Effects of a Safe Person on Induced Distress Following a Biological Challenge in Panic Disorder With Agoraphobia
A 1-Year Prospective Study of Panic Attacks
The Latent Structure of Schizotypy
Alternative Representations of War Zone Stressors
Psychiatric Disorders in Spouse Caregivers of Care Recipients With Alzheimer's Disease and Matched Controls
A Priming Methodology for Studying Self-Representation in Major Depressive Disorder
Predicted Versus Unpredicted Panic Attacks
Psychophysiological Differences Between Subgroups of Social Phobia
Effects of Reward and Response Costs on Inhibition in ADHD Children
Selective Attention and Clinical Depression