Task Difficulty and Cognitive Deficits in Schizophrenia
Expressed Emotion and Subclinical Psychopathology Observable Within the Transactions Between Schizophrenic Patients and Their Family Members
Verbal Interactions in the Families of Schizophrenic and Bipolar Affective Patients
Bodily Shame as a Mediator Between Abusive Experiences and Depression
Neuropsychological Functioning Among the Nonpsychotic Relatives of Schizophrenic Patients : A Diagnostic Efficiency Analysis
Depressed and Normal Individuals Differ Both in Selection and in Perceived Tonal Quality of Positive–Negative Messages
Fear-Relevant Illusory Correlations : What Types of Associations Promote Judgmental Bias?
Patterns of Perceptual Asymmetry in Depression and Anxiety : Implications for Neuropsychological Models of Emotion and Psychopathology
Genetic Heterogeneity in Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) : Gender, Psychiatric Comorbidity, and Maternal ADHD
Onset and Staging of DSM–IV Alcohol Dependence Using Mean Age and Survival–Hazard Methods
Individual Differences in Spatial Working Memory in Relation to Schizotypy
The Price of Soliciting and Receiving Negative Feedback : Self-Verification Theory as a Vulnerability to Depression Theory
Fantasy Proneness, DSM–III–R Axis I Psychopathology, and Dissociation
Subsyndromal Unipolar and Bipolar Disorders : Comparisons on Positive and Negative Affect
Modification of Performance on the Span of Apprehension, a Putative Marker of Vulnerability to Schizophrenia
Correlates of Psychosis Proneness in Relatives of Schizophrenic Patients
On the Relation Between IQ, Impulsivity, and Delinquency : Remarks on the Lynam, Moffitt, and Stouthamer-Loeber (1993) Interpretation
Delinquency and Impulsivity and IQ : A Reply to Block (1995)