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Stable Trait Components of Hopelessness : Baseline and Sensitivity to Depression
Escalated Substance Use : A Longitudinal Grouping Analysis From Early to Middle Adolescence
Structure of Anxiety and the Anxiety Disorders : A Hierarchical Model
Genital and Psychoaffective Response to Erotic Stimulation in Sexually Functional and Dysfunctional Men
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Working Memory, Attention, and Communication Disturbances in Schizophrenia
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Appraisal of Self, Social Environment, and State Authority as a Possible Mediator of Posttraumatic Stress Disorder in Tortured Political Activists
Prediction of Posttraumatic Stress Symptoms in Children After Hurricane Andrew
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Modeling Causal Relations Between Academic and Social Competence and Depression : A Multitrait–Multimethod Longitudinal Study of Children
Emotion Recognition and Social Competence in Chronic Schizophrenia
Perfectionism and Depression : Longitudinal Assessment of a Specific Vulnerability Hypothesis
Postpartum Psychiatric Disorders : Their Relationship to Psychological Adjustment and Marital Satisfaction in the Spouses
Anxiety, Depression, and the Anticipation of Future Positive and Negative Experiences