Heritability of MMPI Personality Indicators of Psychopathology in Twins Reared Apart
Longitudinal Study of Early Childhood Injuries and Acute Illnesses in the Offspring of Adolescent Mothers Who Were Aggressive, Withdrawn, or Aggressive-Withdrawn in Childhood
Restraint, Dieting, and the Continuum Model of Bulimia Nervosa
Individual Differences in Emotion Regulation and Behavior Problems in Preschool Children
Relation of Depressive Symptoms to the Structure of Self-Knowledge in Childhood
Relationships Among Suicide Ideators, Attempters, and Multiple Attempters in a Young-Adult Sample
Coping Strategies, Drinking Motives, and Stressful Life Events Among Middle Adolescents
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Combat Exposure and Adult Psychosocial Adjustment Among U.S. Army Veterans Serving in Vietnam, 1965–1971
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Semantic Priming in Schizophrenia
Facial Expression in Adults With Down's Syndrome
Role of Autobiographical Memory in Social Problem Solving and Depression
A Prospective Examination of Delayed Onset PTSD Secondary to Motor Vehicle Accidents
Electrodermal Activity and Social Network as Predictors of Outcome of Episodes in Schizophrenia
Expectancy Bias in Trait Anxiety
Anomalous Perceptual Asymmetries for Negative Emotional Stimuli in the Psychopath
Gender Differences in Cognitive Diathesis–Stress Domain Match
Covariation Bias in Panic-Prone Individuals
Reduced Top-Down Influence in Auditory Perceptual Organization in Schizophrenia