Structural Relationships Among Dimensions of the DSM–IV Anxiety and Mood Disorders and Dimensions of Negative Affect, Positive Affect, and Autonomic Arousal
Implicit and Explicit Memory for Shape, Body Weight, and Food-Related Words in Patients With Anorexia Nervosa and Nondieting Controls
Attributional Style and Self-Esteem : The Prediction of Emotional Distress Following a Midterm Exam
The Structure and Stability of Common Mental Disorders (DSM–III–R) : A Longitudinal–Epidemiological Study
Electrodermal Activity and Obstetric Complications in Schizophrenia
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The Relation Between Personality and Anxiety : Findings From a 3-Year Prospective Study
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Identifying Dissociative Identity Disorder : A Self-Report and Projective Study
Automatic Activation and Strategic Avoidance of Threat-Relevant Information in Social Phobia
Response Intensity in Content-Specific Fear Conditioning Comparing 20% Versus 13% CO2-Enriched Air as Unconditioned Stimuli
Comorbid Mental Disorders : Implications for Treatment and Sample Selection
Effects of False Weight Feedback on Mood, Self-Evaluation, and Food Intake in Restrained and Unrestrained Eaters
Depressive Personality : Associations With DSM–III–R Mood and Personality Disorders and Negative and Positive Affectivity, 30-Month Stability, and Prediction of Course of Axis I Depressive Disorders
Manual and Saccadic Reaction Time With Constant and Variable Preparatory Intervals in Schizophrenia
Thirty-Month Naturalistic Follow-Up Study of Early-Onset Dysthymic Disorder : Course, Diagnostic Stability, and Prediction of Outcome
Depressive Personality Characteristics : State Dependent Concomitants of Depressive Disorder and Traits Independent of Current Depression
Expressed Emotion, Attributions, and Schizophrenia Symptom Dimensions