Paul Meehl
Meehl's Contribution to Clinical Versus Statistical Prediction
Schizotaxia, Schizotypy, and Schizophrenia
Paul E. Meehl's Contributions to Personality Assessment
Paul Meehl as Methodologist–Philosopher of Science
Carving Nature at Its Joints
Paul E. Meehl as Scientist and Colleague
Meehl as Colleague
A Genetic Factor Explains Most of the Variation in the Psychopathic Personality
Spider Fearful Individuals Attend to Threat, Then Quickly Avoid It
Electrophysiological Analysis of Error Monitoring in Schizophrenia
Making Sense of Sentences in Schizophrenia
Impaired Control of Visual Attention in Schizophrenia
Psychopathy and Negative Emotionality
Associations Among Early Abuse, Dissociation, and Psychopathy in an Offender Sample
Clinicians' Judgments of Clinical Utility
When Parents Have a History of Conduct Disorder
The Roles of Familial Alcoholism and Adolescent Family Harmony in Young Adults' Substance Dependence Disorders
The Intellectual Performance of Traumatized Children and Adolescents With or Without Posttraumatic Stress Disorder
Differential Effects of Safety in Extinction of Anxious Responding to a CO2 Challenge in Patients With Panic Disorder
Gesture Behavior in Unmedicated Schizotypal Adolescents
Emotional Correlates of the Different Dimensions of Schizotypal Personality Disorder
PTSD and Substance-Related Problems
Marital Problem-Solving Behavior in Depression and Marital Distress