Linking Antisocial Behavior, Substance Use, and Personality : An Integrative Quantitative Model of the Adult Externalizing Spectrum
A Behavior Genetic Investigation of Adolescent Motherhood and Offspring Mental Health Problems
Predicting Individual Change in Personality Disorder Features by Simultaneous Individual Change in Personality Dimensions Linked to Neurobehavioral Systems : The Longitudinal Study of Personality Disorders
A Taxometric Analysis of the Latent Structure of Psychopathy : Evidence for Dimensionality
Modeling Population Heterogeneity in Appearance- and Performance-Enhancing Drug (APED) Use : Applications of Mixture Modeling in 400 Regular APED Users
The Effects of Torture-Related Injuries on Long-Term Psychological Distress in a Punjabi Sikh Sample
Performance of Schizophrenia and Bipolar Patients on Verbal and Figural Working Memory Tasks
Expressed Emotion and Familial Interaction : A Study with Agoraphobic and Obsessive–Compulsive Patients and Their Relatives
Genetic and Environmental Influences on Interpersonal Cognitions and Associations With Depressive Symptoms in 8-Year-Old Twins
Depression and Emotional Reactivity : Variation Among Asian Americans of East Asian Descent and European Americans
Levels of Specificity of Autobiographical Memories and of Biographical Memories of the Deceased in Bereaved Individuals With and Without Complicated Grief
Movement Abnormalities Predict Conversion to Axis I Psychosis Among Prodromal Adolescents
Impact of Depression on Response to Comedy : A Dynamic Facial Coding Analysis
Personality Diagnosis With the Shedler-Westen Assessment Procedure (SWAP) : Integrating Clinical and Statistical Measurement and Prediction
The Shedler–Westen Assessment Procedure–200 as a Basis for Modifying DSM Personality Disorder Categories
Impaired Specific Autobiographical Memory as a Risk Factor for Posttraumatic Stress After Trauma
Genetic Variation and Covariation in the Original and Restructured Clinical Scales of the MMPI
Symptom–System Fit in Couples : Emotion Regulation When One or Both Partners Smoke
Correction to Skeem et al. (2007)