Introduction to the Special Section on Cognitive Bias Modification in Emotional Disorders
Attention Training for Generalized Social Anxiety Disorder
Seeing the Bigger Picture
Attention Modification Program in Individuals With Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Training Forgetting of Negative Material in Depression
Looking on the Bright Side
Concreteness Training Reduces Dysphoria
The Reduction of Anxiety Vulnerability Through the Modification of Attentional Bias
Developing Interpretation Bias Modification as a “Cognitive Vaccine” for Depressed Mood
Whither Cognitive Bias Modification Research? Commentary on the Special Section Articles
Reduced Cognitive Ability in Alcohol Dependence
Behavioral Disinhibition
Stress-Induced Asymmetric Frontal Brain Activity and Aggression Risk
Differential Deficit in Executive Control in Euthymic Bipolar Disorder
Screening for Depression Prevention
Decomposing Depression
The Two-Factor Structure of Sleep Complaints and Its Relation to Depression and Anxiety
Analytic Strategies for Understanding Affective (In)Stability and Other Dynamic Processes in Psychopathology
Neurological Correlates of Reward Responding in Adolescents With and Without Externalizing Behavior Disorders
The Set Switching Function of Nonclinical Dissociators Under Negative Emotion
Judging the Intensity of Facial Expressions of Emotion
Emotion Processing in the Criminal Psychopath
A Test of the Reactive Aggression–Suicidal Behavior Hypothesis