Rumination as a Vulnerability Factor to Depression During the Transition From Early to Middle Adolescence
Depression and Anxious Apprehension Distinguish Frontocingulate Cortical Activity During Top-Down Attentional Control
Interpersonal Pathoplasticity in Individuals With Generalized Anxiety Disorder
Type D Personality and the Development of PTSD Symptoms
The Modeling of Internalizing Disorders on the Basis of Patterns of Lifetime Comorbidity
Alcohol Use Trajectories and the Ubiquitous Cat's Cradle
Externalizing Psychopathology and Behavioral Disinhibition
Externalizing Psychopathology and Gain–Loss Feedback in a Simulated Gambling Task
Parental Criticism and Externalizing Behavior Problems in Adolescents
Sex Differences in the Genetic and Environmental Influences on Childhood Conduct Disorder and Adult Antisocial Behavior
Increased Testosterone-to-Cortisol Ratio in Psychopathy
Suicidality as a Function of Impulsivity, Callous–Unemotional Traits, and Depressive Symptoms in Youth
Emotional Granularity and Borderline Personality Disorder
Does Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder Have a Dimensional Latent Structure? A Taxometric Analysis
The Role of Aesthetic Sensitivity in Body Dysmorphic Disorder
Risk Factors for Disordered Eating During Early and Middle Adolescence
Change in Maternal Criticism and Behavior Problems in Adolescents and Adults With Autism Across a 7-Year Period
Low-Level Temporal Coding Impairments in Psychosis
Imagining the Future
The Backward Masking Red Light Effect in Schizophrenia
Cognitive Vulnerability and Frontal Brain Asymmetry
Working Memory Capacity in Generalized Social Phobia
Correction to Sher et al. (2011)