Electrical Brain Imaging Reveals the Expression and Timing of Altered Error Monitoring Functions in Major Depression
Hidden Scars in Depression? Implicit and Explicit Self-Associations Following Recurrent Depressive Episodes
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Avoidance Processes Mediate the Relationship Between Rumination and Symptoms of Complicated Grief and Depression Following Loss
Real-World Emotion? An Experience-Sampling Approach to Emotion Experience and Regulation in Bipolar I Disorder
Reciprocal Associations Between PTSD Symptoms and Alcohol Involvement in College: A Three-Year Trait-State-Error Analysis
Capturing Intrusive Re-experiencing in Trauma Survivors’ Daily Lives Using Ecological Momentary Assessment
Age-related Differences in Internalizing Psychopathology Amongst the Australian General Population
Call for Nominations: Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment
Suicide Risk in Older Adults: Evaluating Models of Risk and Predicting Excess Zeros in a Primary Care Sample
Characteristics and Stability of Empirically Derived Anorexia Nervosa Subtypes: Towards the Identification of Homogeneous Low-Weight Eating Disorder Phenotypes
Suicide Attempts in Women With Eating Disorders
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Examination of the Section III DSM-5 Diagnostic System for Personality Disorders in an Outpatient Clinical Sample
Childhood Trauma and Personality Disorder Criterion Counts: A Cotwin Control Analysis
Correction to Cuthbert and Kozak (2013)
Psychometric Schizotypy Predicts Psychotic-Like, Paranoid, and Negative Symptoms in Daily Life
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The Relation Between Symptoms of Bulimia Nervosa and Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder: A Startle Investigation
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Behind the Wheel and on the Map: Genetic and Environmental Associations Between Drunk Driving and Other Externalizing Behaviors
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Spatial Navigation Impairments Among Intellectually High-Functioning Adults With Autism Spectrum Disorder: Exploring Relations With Theory of Mind, Episodic Memory, and Episodic Future Thinking