Neural Reactivity to Rewards and Losses in Offspring of Mothers and Fathers With Histories of Depressive and Anxiety Disorders
Major Depression in Mothers Predicts Reduced Ventral Striatum Activation in Adolescent Female Offspring With and Without Depression
Reward Function: A Promising but (Still) Underexamined Dimension in Developmental Psychopathology
Acquisition of Behavioral Avoidance: Task-Irrelevant Conditioned Stimuli Trigger Costly Decisions
Members of Underrepresented Groups: Reviewers for Journal Manuscripts Wanted
Are Attentional Control Resources Reduced by Worry in Generalized Anxiety Disorder?
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Peer Victimization (and Harsh Parenting) as Developmental Correlates of Cognitive Reactivity, a Diathesis for Depression
Faces, Feelings, Words: Divergence Across Channels of Emotional Responding in Complicated Grief
The Role of Early Childhood ADHD and Subsequent CD in the Initiation and Escalation of Adolescent Cigarette, Alcohol, and Marijuana Use
Anhedonia and the Relative Reward Value of Drug and Nondrug Reinforcers in Cigarette Smokers
Effort, Anhedonia, and Function in Schizophrenia: Reduced Effort Allocation Predicts Amotivation and Functional Impairment
Clinician Judgments of Clinical Utility: A Comparison of DSM-IV–TR Personality Disorders and the Alternative Model for DSM-5 Personality Disorders
Sex Differences in the Etiology of Psychopathic Traits in Youth
When or Why Does Perfectionism Translate Into Eating Disorder Pathology? A Longitudinal Examination of the Moderating and Mediating Role of Body Dissatisfaction
Autobiographical Memory Specificity in Dissociative Identity Disorder
Response Inhibition and Psychopathology: A Meta-Analysis of Go/No-Go Task Performance
Symptoms of Autism and ADHD: A Swedish Twin Study Examining Their Overlap
Quantifying Heterogeneity Attributable to Polythetic Diagnostic Criteria: Theoretical Framework and Empirical Application
Low Implicit and Explicit Aversion Toward Self-Cutting Stimuli Longitudinally Predict Nonsuicidal Self-Injury